06.01 – just after 3am




the first kind: predictable, toxic from the start –

caustic behavior forming painful blisters

which ooze at the beginning, then callous over time,

shielding fragile emotions like a suit of strong armor,

interested distance masquerading as disinterest,

an excellent defense against eros-poisoned arrows

but equally insensitive to agape’s approach.


the second kind: unannounced, exhilarating at first –

saying all the right things to shatter heavy silence,

a siren song falling upon gullible ears

stripping away, day by day, the dusty shrouds of apathy

until suddenly striking, without explanation,

a death blow straight to the heart,

drawing blood and hot tears for sport.


the former I’d prefer ten thousand times over —

though a lifetime of misery, no brief taste of joy —

for there heartbreak seems less naïve and more cautious,

instead of so vulnerable, painfully exposed…

maybe then i’d view love as an unworthy venture

not assume that i’m somehow unworthy of love.


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