may/june favorites


a bit late, but better late than never!


  • new all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare regimen consisting of this facial bar, this toner, and a drop each of rosehip seed oil and argan oil applied sparingly as a day and night-time moisturizer (perfectly balancing in the Texas summer heat and minimizes any redness, so a win-win)
  • trying to be better about taking a daily multi-vitamin (I’ve noticed I have far more energy when I do, and apparently it’s an integral part of adulthood so…)


  • Y O G A – sounds/looks easy, surprisingly exhausting, yet incredibly stress-relieving and I’ve grown to look forward to my little evening practice (currently following along with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga for beginners and would give it two thumbs up!)
  • another great way to wind down before bed is this homemade London Fog latte – a friend recently introduced me to the caffeinated version at a local coffeehouse and I was hooked (if you aren’t into decaf tea, try the regular version as an afternoon pick-me-up instead!)

reading list:

  • Who Rules the World? (Noam Chomsky) – a Christmas gift from my sister, but haven’t had the time to move beyond the first chapter (I don’t agree with Chomsky on everything, but he’s a brilliant mind… looking forward to finishing it this summer!)
  • Thérèse Raquin (Emile Zola) – my third lifelong read en français (after Le Petit Prince and Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers, which I just completed in May after a leisurely three-year crawl filled with self-loathing)… I’ve heard it’s dark at times and “classically, lavishly French,” whatever the hell that means

netflix & chill queue:

  • rediscovered an old favorite, which reminds me of rainy winter evenings in Brussels spent curled up by the radiator in my tiny flat with my laptop, a blanket, and une tasse du chocolat chaud (I’d describe it as the imaginary, francophone lovechild of The Office and Parenthood)
  • Anno 1790 – I’ve always been a sucker for period dramas, but often cerebral and thrilling, this new find definitely stands apart from Downton Abbey and similar series (bonus? it’s in Swedish with English subtitles, which I turn off every now and then for an immersive language-learning challenge)


  • hopeless fountain kingdom (Halsey) – 3/4 of this album sounds like my heart would have during the past two months were it ripped out and spun like a record
  • ti amo (Phoenix) – because it’s Phoenix, pretty much self-explanatory
  • LANY all day, every day… have listened and been a fan since ILYSB, but 13 and It Was Love are some recent gems


  • I’ve begun the arduous closet cleanout process in preparation for my upcoming move to Sweden (hjälp mig)… amazing, but you never realize just how much you own until it’s all neatly sorted into heaping piles by category, which are subsequently strewn across your bedroom floor
  • my ultimate goal, inspired by two documentaries (Minimalism and The True Cost) – an Arctic-friendly capsule wardrobe along these lines (with more accessories and key pieces to be added while abroad)

wish list:

  • I’m all about simple pleasures, and this candle from Bath and Body Works is INCREDIBLE… currently on sale for $11, which might be a little steep, but trust me when I say it whisks you away to a chic café terrace in Paris for 1/10 the price of a round-trip billet d’avion
  • my next DIY project has been identified
  • lighter and more Summer-friendly than my go-to red, but darker and more complex than your average rosé? count me in!

around the interwebs:


happy wednesday! xx


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