about me

hello & bienvenue

thanks for stopping by my little journal of sorts, buried within the depths of the glorious interweb.

by way of a brief introduction, I am a(n):

  • student
  • bibliophile, linguaphile, and nemophilist
  • frequent daydreamer
  • notorious nerd (you’ll probably regret asking me about that article on Politico.eu)
  • wannabe world traveler
  • amateur photographer
  • occasional artist
  • stationery addict
  • tea, coffee, and cocktail enthusiast
  • sassy, opinionated nonagenarian disguised as a clueless millennial
  • extroverted introvert

quelquefois, j’écris aussi un petit peu en français. je ne sais pas pourquoi, parce qu’il semble que je ne parlerai jamais une autre langue couramment. mais, voilà… c’est un fait bien connu que je suis une fille bizarre.

during my recent three month solo-trip to Europe, I began a little wordpress site that I oh so creatively titled, on being bruxelloise.  I was young, a bit naïve, and very idealistic (read: delusional) about the potential of my first blog, planning to effortlessly churn out regular updates complete with interesting and relatable content and beautiful, artistically-filtered photos.

today on being bruxelloise, while not a total failure, features a grand total of four (?) posts, two of which are really quite boring attempts to fill blank space and appease family & friends. silly me, thinking I’d become a witty weekly blogger while working my first full-time job and trying to completely reconstruct my social circle in a new, foreign city.

still, somehow, I’ve found that writing is often the easiest and most fulfilling way for me to express myself. since I’ve now been back in the States for a little over a month and oBB no longer feels like a suitable home for my eccentric rambles, I’ve decided to take up my keyboard-pen once again and start afresh here, at la mémorialiste.

in French, a “memorialist” is defined much the same as it is in English… it’s a title given to someone who writes memoirs, captures moments from the past, chronicles lives.

here I shall attempt to do the same, occasionally chronicling my thoughts & adventures, including the good and the bad and all those moments and emotions in between.

unraveling the tangled threads of times past which tend to clamorously clutter my mind and slowly spinning them into stories.

along with some of my favorite photos, I hope they will serve as snapshots into the beautiful mess also known as my life.

thanks for coming along for the journey.